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Are you new to LPG? Looking to convert fuels, or just moved into a LPG powered property? Devon Heat will ensure your LPG transition is smooth and stress-free.

LPG Boilers
Based near Dartmoor, many of the properties in our area don't have access to natural gas. We specialise in fitting LPG boilers, this allows you the benefits a gas boilers with no access to Mains Gas through converting the boiler to run on LPG gas. bottles. LPG has been used as an alternative to mains gas for many years. It is popular in over 150,000 homes across the UK due to its convenience, flexibility and environmental credentials.

Devon Heat is committed to providing those who may not be connected to the gas grid, a professional and helpful service for all their LPG requirements. For those who are not connected to the mains, they may have to get their central heating fuel delivered by truck and stored in tanks.

Most boilers are available in both gas an LPG versions and here at the Devon Heat LPG Services we are fully qualified to install both systems. LPG or “Liquefied Petroleum Gas” is a natural hydrocarbon fuel composed of propane and butane gases produced by the refinement of crude oil.

Tank Installation Options

We offer a range of tank installation options to suit your home including above ground, underground and semi-mounded.

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Easy 3 Step LPG Boiler Installation

3 simple steps to getting a new LPG boiler installed. Call for an appointment for a survey, receive a quote, and select a date at your own convenience for one of our Gas Safe Registered engineers to begin the professional LPG boiler installation.

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Schedule an Appointment for a Survey

Our Gas Safe Registered heating engineers can survey your current central heating system and then inform you of the options that are available to you.

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Receive a 'No Obligation' Quote

Once our team has finished your survey, we will provide you with a 'no obligation' fixed price quote for your new boiler.

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Select a Date for Your Installation

If the price that we quote is to your liking our team can organise a time and date that suits your schedule for your installation to begin.

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